P&G released this powerful short film, The Look, which shows us the everyday reality of racism in America in 2019.

P&G made a similar film called The Talk a couple of years ago, which showed the difficult conversations that black parents in the US have to have with their children about the issues caused by racism. It’s a sad reality that lots of people have to be told that they’re going to be treated differently, just because of their race. In this short film, we see a similar situation play out.

P&G Tackle Racism In Powerful Short Film:

In the film, we follow a black man going about his daily business. Multiple times in the day, he’s given “looks”. Although small, these looks often indicate that people are scared of him, worried he might cause trouble, or may be trying to make him feel unwelcome. He’s done nothing to make them think that, suggesting they might hold racist beliefs. Although it’s not made totally clear whether these people are being racist or if it’s a misunderstanding, the film looks to show us what it can feel like walking around as a black man in America.

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