Patagonia tells us about the benefits of their “better sweater” in this charming animation.

The company have been striving to create clothes that are more sustainable in recent years and have created more items out of recycled materials. Everything in their new sweater is made out of recycled materials, apart from the metal zipper. Using millions of plastic bottles, they were able to create new clothes, which massively reduced their carbon footprint.

Patagonia Tells You About Their

In this animation, we see all the ways that these new jumpers will help the planet and reduce carbon emissions. What’s great about making clothes from recycled plastic is that you’re both reducing plastic waste and using less energy than if you made the clothes from scratch. So it’s a double-whammy of eco-friendly goodness. Patagonia is used mainly for outdoor activities and people who love nature also love Patagonia. So over the last decade the brand has tried to help the environment that their customers love so much. The brand want to communicate to people that their clothes should be a go-to choice for people who want to look good but also care about looking after the planet.

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