Discarded fishing nets are one of the most harmful forms of ocean plastic pollution. Patagonia has been supporting the company Bureo in the development of NetPlus, a fully traceable, 100% recycled fishing nets material used for the brim stiffeners in Patagonia hats.

To mark this collaboration, Patagonia has created a short video about the process behind the creation of NetPlus. In this documentary about recycled fishing nets, they explain how the fishing nets are broken down, recycled, and turned into the stuffing for Patagonia hat rims.

It’s a great way of how a brand can use filmmaking to combine their products with their values and give audiences a sense of what is happening behind the scenes. Patagonia is particularly good at this, and we’ve featured some of their work on TheVideoSuite.com before. Patagonia even created a feature length documentary about the salmon fishing industry.

Patagonia|Recycled Fishing Nets|Documentary

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