Outdoors brand Patagonia tells you that recycling isn’t enough in this groundbreaking documentary. For the first time ever, a clothes company is directly telling its customers to buy less, not more.

In this doc, Patagonia walk us through how they’re using revolutionary techniques to make all of their clothes out of recycled materials. By doing that, they remove all of the pollution that’s caused by creating an item from scratch and they also save another item from being thrown in a landfill. But as good as that is, the brand say that that’s not enough. We all need to do something radical.

They say that their customers need to consume less. The best thing that we can do for the planet is to eliminate the need to recycle in the first place, by reusing items. In fact, only 15% of items put into recycle bins items actually end up becoming new products. Patagonia tells us that their clothes are built to last a lifetime, meaning that you’ll never have to throw it away. It’s another astounding documentary from the brand that shines a light on an important issue.

Patagonia|Why Recycled?|Documentary

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