Paramount and The Shoe Surgeon made a real-life pair Sonic The Hedgehog sneakers for the release of the new movie.

Sonic can go extremely fast, so he needs a good pair of trainers to support him as he whizzes around. They’d have to be really durable, so it’s no wonder that people have wanted a real pair to be produced. Puma stepped up and decided to make that dream a reality. The shoes look just like the ones worn by Sonic himself. We’d love to get a pair of these to take to the gym.

Paramount Make A Real Life Pair Of

The cool promo ends with a disclaimer that the shoes may exceed speeds of over 765 MPH, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the rapid animal that wears them. It’s a really clever vid from Puma and Paramount that thinks outside the box. The gaming franchise commands a massive following of fans, so we’re sure that these kicks will go down a treat with them. Would you get a pair of these killer sneaks? Are these your new running shoes? Let us know down in the comments.


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  • alejandra says:

    donde puedo conseguir los tenis de puma de Sonic la película ?
    ME interesa ya que mi hijo es fanático de Sonic la Pelicula

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