Paddy Power recreates a situation that we’re all becoming more familiar with recently, a video conference call with your workmates.

Working from home has come a hell of a long way over the past few years. A lot of companies are able to work almost entirely remotely. It’s pretty impressive. But, lets be honest, the tech isn’t totally flawless. It can be a little buggy at times, leading to some pretty frustrating situations.

Paddy Power Shows Us What Every Video Call Is Like In This Funny Vid image of Paddy Power

We see all of the cardinal sins of a video call play out in this video. Misunderstandings, dodgy connections, confusions over unread emails all feature in the vid. They also point out the very weird phenomenon of people turning up late to video calls, despite the fact they literally have got nowhere else to be and are sitting at home. How do people still manage to not be on time? It’s an entertaining ad and the whole thing is super relatable. Have you been on a nightmare video call like this? Does this situation look pretty familiar to you? Let us know down in the comments below.

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