Paddy Power launched its Save Our Shirt campaign with this hilarious ad. Sponsors can make or break a kit and Paddy Power brilliantly make fun of the whole idea of sponsorship in this brilliant promo.

The betting company made international headlines when the design of their sponsorship of Huddersfield Town’s kit was leaked. It was a garish, green sash that dominated most of the kit. Some people joked online that the team would look more like Paddy Power FC than a real footy side. But, they’d pulled a fast one on all of us, as it was revealed that the whole thing was a big hoax.

Paddy Power Saves Us From Ugly Football Shirt Sponsors image of save our shirt

Instead, they would actually be “un-sponsoring” Huddersfield’s kit, as well as all of the other teams that they sponsored. The whole thing was a massive publicity stunt that pokes fun at some of the terrible shirt sponsors seen on kits around the world. Some people criticise the logos splashed on shirts, as they can sometimes be embarrassing or look ugly. Famous examples include when AC Milan were sponsored by “Pooh Jeans”. Or what about when Athletico Madrid were sponsored by the movie “White Chicks”. Or more recently, as Everton have had their kit emblazoned with “Angry Birds” on the sleeves.

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