Oxfam go on a shopping trip with sustainability writer Bel Jacobs and fashion consultant Alice Wilby at the Oxfam warehouse.

The two are tasked with creating outfits using only second hand, donated clothes. They’ve got tons of stuff to choose from in the warehouse. What will they pick out to wear? The results are pretty interesting. They put together a handful of awesome outfits between them. It’s actually really hard to even tell that they’re second hand, they look like they’ve been freshly bought off the high street. It’s better than the new stuff.

Oxfam Shows Us Second Hand Style image of second hand style

They also chat about the big environmental impact that fast fashion has on the planet. They talk about how some popular fabrics, like denim are particularly bad for polluting the Earth. Often, it can be very intensive to create these kinds of clothes, which ramps up their carbon footprint. They tell us how, if you choose to shop second-hand, you’ll be doing a lot to help reduce carbon emissions and will also save an item from being thrown in a landfill.

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