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You might have had to pull a late one at work at some point in your life, but we’ll bet it wasn’t as bad as this guy’s experience.


Overtime is a fantastically made short horror film about a man called Ralph who is desperately trying to get home from the office for a very good reason – it’s a full moon, and he’s about to get a whole lot wolf-ier.

Overtime Gif2

Directed by Australian film maker Craig D. Foster, the short begins with a brilliantly fast-paced montage of quick close ups of menial office tasks, with the red ink of the pen being used as a hint of what’s to come.


Ramping up the tension through the different encounters that slow Ralph down on his way home, the short has a brilliant end reveal that’ll leave you wishing their was a part 2…

Overtime Gif1

Overtime|Short Film|Horror

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