What’s important for you in car safety? Cameras? Auto steering? How about the good old fashioned seatbelt? Volvo has made a video about how the seatbelt has saved one million lives, and they’re working to save a million more with other innovations.

When the seatbelt was first introduced as a legal requirement for drivers, there was an outcry. People said it infringed on human rights. “It’s better to be thrown out than trapped in.”

Volvo has made an impactful video on why seatbelts are so important, as part of a campaign highlighting the safety features of their vehicles.

In this video, people tell their own stories about car accidents and how the seatbelt has saved their lives. It’s shot in a remarkable way, featuring unusual angles and completely black and white. But accompanied with a dramatic music score, it’s an emotional and inspirational watch.

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Volvo | One Million Lives | Ads and Promos

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