One poor guy is always having a rainy day in this funny music video. With the summer months creeping in, the last thing you want at this time of year is to get stuck out in the rain.

But in the music video from Young The Giant for his hit Heat Of The Summer, Young is always getting caught in the rain. He’s followed by a cloud wherever he goes. He has to look on with jealousy at everyone basking in the sun as he’s getting soaked in his own personal microclimate. The video gets weirder as things go on, as Young’s world is blended with an animated version of his surroundings! Trippy!

One Man Is Always Having A Rainy Day In This Music Vid image of Young

Eventually, Young gets sick of this annoying cloud and tries to run away from it. But, it catches up with him, so Young tries to fight the cloud to get it to go away. How exactly someone fights with water vapour isn’t really explained, but Young comes out the victor, and the clouds leaves him alone. It’s a funny and interesting video that blends gorgeous animation techniques with a unique and amusing story.

Heat Of The Summer|Young The Giant|Music Videos

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