Indie band Oh Wonder released this incredible one-shot music video for their new single Hallelujah.

In it, we see the members of the band crowd surfing in a field, being held up by a group of people that are all dressed in brightly coloured anoraks. The camera pans up and it’s revealed that the people are all walking in circles around them, creating a stunning effect that looks like a moving work of art. At other times, the crowd of people all flutter their jackets which creates an incredible collage of colour.

Oh Wonder Make An Amazing One-Shot Music Video For

The whole video is shot in just one take. It must’ve taken an incredible amount of rehearsal and practice to get it spot on for this shot. One-shot music videos are always really cool to look at and are notoriously hard to pull off. We love this effort from Oh Wonder. They took an established format and pushed it in an entirely new direction. The band are known for their inventive and innovative music videos and this one has to be one of the best ones that they’ve made yet.

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