NOWNESS visit the amazing gardens of Gresgarth Hall in Lancashire and meets Arabella Lennox-Boyd, the woman who’s been looking after them for 4 decades.

It’s the latest in their Great Garden series, where they go to some of the nicest back yards in the world. Arabella turned the grounds of the hall from an overgrown mess to one of the prettiest spots in the North West of England. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort, but she absolutely loves every minute of it.

NOWNESS Takes A Tour Of The Gorgeous Gardens Of Gregsgarth Hall image of Gregsgarth Hall

We get a private tour of the grounds and get to see all of the brilliant elements of it. Towards the edge of the garden, there’s a river. The other side of it is pure wilderness and provides a lovely contrast with the carefully articulated horticulture that’s near the hall. It’s a great short doc that shows us the beauty of nature and reminds us of the hard work that goes into maintaining these areas of natural beauty. We feel like we’ve visited the gardens ourselves just by watching this video.

Great Gardens|NOWNESS|Documentary

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