Nitro Circus completes the first ever three-rider double backflip train in this awesome video.

To break the record for the trick, three riders need to do two backflips one after another in a row. It’s a really high-pressure trick, as it requires all three of them to perfectly pull it off. If just one of them fails, they could put the other riders in serious danger. It’s hard enough to complete a double backflip on your own anyway, so to have three people attempt it at once is a whole new level of difficulty.

Nitro Circus Completes The First Ever Three-Rider Double Backflip image of Nitro Circus

The three bikers complete the trick in front of the iconic Caerphilly Castle in South Wales. It’s probably one of the biggest events to happen in the sleepy Welsh town that has a population of just 30,000 people. In true British form though, the attempt is made much harder by some torrential downpours on the day. But the team manage to pull through and make their way into the history books when they pull off the amazing stunt. It’s a really incredible video to watch, kudos to the guys at Nitro Circus.

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