Nike takes us inside the famous Drew League in this brilliant advert as part of their Sport Changes Everything ad campaign.

The Drew League was set up in 1973 with six teams in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. The idea was to help people through sport to gain meaningful relationships and support people in their communities. South Central LA has historically been a deprived area, so the league offered an outreach to people who needed guidance and help. It helped countless disadvantaged children in the area get to where they needed to go in life.

Nike - Welcome To The Drew League image of The Drew League

Since its conception, it’s developed into one of America’s most famous youth leagues and has helped to produce world-class basketball players. In this ad, we learn about what the league means to young people in LA. We also get to see into the exciting elements of the league and we get a taste for the competitive elements of it. It’s a really cool video and the filmography is really breathtaking in this ad. The shots and special effects in this video are something else, we’re impressed with promo.

Nike|Drew League|Sports

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