Nike plays an epic game of “it” (or tag if you’re reading this in America) in this super cool advert. In it, different kids are told that they’re “it”. Then, they take it in turns to show off each of their impressive skills, from skateboarding, to running to diving and much more.

The ad is really fast-paced as we fly around the world and see young athletes that have some amazing abilities. The ad also features some trippy animation too, as some of the girls morph into 2d animated versions of themselves when they’re playing sport.

Nike Plays An Epic Game Of

By the end, we’re left feeling super inspired and feel like we can achieve anything. It follows the recent trend from Nike to inspire young athletes and champion budding sports stars that are just starting out in their careers. It’s another great ad from Nike. The whole thing has the intense feel of their famous “Nothing Beats A Londoner” commercial but with a slightly different twist (and far less a-list cameos). All we can say is, keep em’ coming Nike, these promos are brilliant.

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