Nike meets the urban horse riders of Philadelphia, known as the Fletcher Street Urban Riders Club in this awesome new ad.

The non-profit organisation looks to instill the tradition of black, urban cowboys in Philadelphia in young people in the area. It serves as a hub for disaffected youths to find companionship and provides them with a strong support network. Above all though, it’s about having fun! In this ad, we learn about the connection that these riders have with their horses and what the club means to them. Each of them have their favourite horse that they feel most comfortable with and have a special bond with.

Nike Meet The Urban Horse Riders Of Philadelphia image of horse

Each of the riders are passionate about riding. But it’s not just the act of riding that they love, it’s also the friendship and bonds that they make here as well. The club is a hub for the local community and provides people here with an escape from the problems that they face. For a few hours, they can ride around and feel like they’re a million miles away from their normal lives.

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  • Kent Bradley says:

    Production Company: Conscious Minds
    Director: Caleb Woods
    Cinematographer: Oliver Fitzgerald
    Producer: Brooke Horne
    Editor: Scott Culver

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