Nike released this brilliant doc that examines the history of their iconic Air Max shoe, ahead of the latest iteration in the series, the Air Max 2090.

The shoe has gone through many style changes, but throughout the redesigns, it’s kept its iconic air bubble. Back in the early 90s, many of Nike’s shoes used air padding inside the sole. Although it was a revolutionary design technique, no one really knew about it, as every bubble was hidden inside the shoe. For the Air Max 90, Nike wanted to cut away a small bit of the sole to reveal the air bubble. It would be the first time a shoe featured a totally transparent section and was really ambitious.

Since the first Air Max sneaker came out, the style has become a cultural icon. It was swiftly embraced by the Hip Hop community and later became a staple of ravers and lovers of Grime music. In New York, London and Amsterdam, the sneaker is a huge part of street fashion. Despite the fact that the original shoe came out over 30 years ago, it’s still a powerful fashion statement.

Air Max 2090|Nike|Documentary

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