The New York Times made this simple but effective advert that shines a light on pay disparities between male and female athletes in sport.

Using the sounds of two tennis players having a rally, we get glimpses of parts of headlines that refer to the sexist underpayment of women in sport. As the rally gets more intense, so do the headlines, moving us forward in time and documenting the steps forward that there have been for women’s rights in sport over the years. As the video reaches a climax, a complete headline is shown that reads: “The Long Fight For Pay Equality In Sports”.

The ad looks to shine a light on how far we’ve come over the years in removing sexism from sport, but also shows us how far we still have to go. Some of the headlines that are from over 50 years ago are still shockingly relevant to this day. It’s the latest ad from The New York Times’ “The Truth Has A Voice” series, where they use typography and clever editing to tell an interesting story. It’s a simple but effective ad that has a powerful message.

The Truth Has A Voice|The New York Times|Ads and Promos

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