National Geographic brings us this incredible short film from directing duo Pedro and James about the Catalonian practice of building Castells, or “human towers”.

The tradition goes back centuries and is an integral part of Catalonian culture. Now it’s been formed into a fully-fledged sport, where two teams compete to see who can build the largest human tower the fastest. The sport can be extremely dangerous, as up to 100 people can climb on top of each other, with the person the the top sitting about 40ft above the ground.

National Geographic Shows Us Catalan's Incredible Human Towers image of castells

Although fatalities aren’t common, back in 2006 the sport made international headlines when a child died after falling from the top of one of the towers. This film captures the danger and the risks of the sport as well as the it’s cultural significance and beauty. The sport is very controversial, but it’s also a vital part of Catalonian culture. Castells are a testament to the will of human endeavour. As well as that, they’re also a real-life metaphor of the strength that a community of people can have when they all come together as one.

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