National Geographic meets the incredible park rangers who are saving Africa’s wildlife in this documentary.

Although most people would assume that Africa is a great place for wildlife to thrive, they don’t realise that lots of animals on the continent are under threat. Poaching and changes to the environment means that certain species are rare sights in areas that they used to thrive in. But in this doc, we learn how the cross-country African Parks programme is helping to restore these native populations.

National Geographic Meets The Amazing Rangers Who Are Saving Africa's Wildlife image of National Geographic

We get to see some of the amazing conservation work that they do and see them rehouse a pair of cheetahs. Community work is a key part of their mission as well. Making sure that the locals aren’t struggling with poverty means that they aren’t tempted by the lucrative practice of poaching. It’s a really moving doc that shows us the power that determined people can have when it comes to looking after the environment. It reminds us of the work that’s going on across Africa to make sure that the wildlife is safe and can thrive for generations to come.

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