National Geographic continues their “Into Water” series with this incredible 360 degree documentary.

In it, we’re taken deep into the seas around Indonesia where we get a close up look at some amazing coral reefs. But these reefs are under threat. Locals in this area rely on the reef for catching fish. Some are sent to aquariums around the world and others are sold as food. Some of the people here fish sustainably, but a number of them are taking too many fish out of the water and are damaging coral reefs through the spearing technique that they use to catch the fish.

National Geographic Explores Indonesia's Coral Reefs In This 360 Degree Video image of National Geographic

In this documentary, we’re taken inside the local fishing villages and we get to see how the communities here work. We can see how some of the families are innovating and are making sure that they’re respecting the reefs when they fish, but we also see families who aren’t respecting the aquatic populations and are putting the coral at risk of dying out. It’s a really immersive documentary that captures the beauty of the reefs and also gives us an insight into the struggle to keep them as stunning and vibrant as they are now.

National Geographic|Into Water|Documentary

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