JF1 Films made this brilliant video where he takes us on a really really quick tour of his hometown.

The film maker uses time-lapse techniques with a moving camera. This makes it seem like we’re flying through his town at 1000 miles an hour. It can be a confusing journey at times, as everyone else is moving really quickly, so it’s hard to tell how fast time is passing by. The end result feels like a mix between a time travel movie and superhero film like The Flash. It’s a white-knuckle ride to say the least.

We’ve all had days that seem to fly by, but not ever as fast as this. The director shows off his creativity with this, as he only used a tripod and a camera to shoot the whole thing on his own. It shows us the amazing things that can be done in film making, even on a small budget. The film takes place in a sleepy town in Slovakia and JF1 Films does an amazing job of capturing the beauty of the area in a unique and interesting way.

JF1 Films|My Hyper Day|Short Form

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