Mr Porter shows you the only three watches you’ll ever need in this video.

Some men spend their lives amassing a huge collection of watches. By Mr Porter shows us that that’s all in vain. If you pick the right styles, you should only ever need three watches. They’ll go with any look you choose and will compliment every outfit out there. The first watch is a classic, rounded analogue watch with a black leather strap. Some men make the mistake of wearing an overly chunky watch to work and end up looking garish and gaudy in the process.

Mr Porter Shows You The Only Three Watches You'll Ever Need image of Mr Porter

A solid black diving watch with luminous hands is their recommendation for your downtime. Having a watch that looks infinitely stylish whilst also being incredibly durable is a must. Finally, their recommendation for a evening wear watch is a sleek, reversible, square timepiece. The shape of a watch can make all the different and a square face shows people around you that you’ve put a bit more thought into your outfit. We think these recommendations are spot on from Mr Porter.

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