Mona Lisa comes to life in this funny Perrier ad. Mona Lisa is probably the world’s most photographed woman, despite having been dead for centuries! But what if she could step out of her painting for just one night?


Well in this ad, we find out just what Mona would get up to! After hours, Mona steps out of her portrait Night Of The Museum-style and sets about exploring central Paris. We see her meet the locals and go out partying! Mona’s iconic smile is often interpreted as being a bit cheeky, implying she would’ve been quite fiery in real life…

Mona Lisa Comes To Life (Literally!) With Perrier gif of mona lisa

Here, we get to see Mona’s personality and it’s fair to say that she is pretty wild! I mean, to be fair if we were stuck in a portrait for hundreds of years, we’d probably want to hit the town too! It’s a clever ad that takes one of history’s most well-known women and puts her in the modern day, in Paris 2019!

Mona Lisa|Perrier|Ads and Promos

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