British marathon runner Mo Farah tells Nike how he fell in love with sports and rose to the top of athletics.

In this ad, we join Mo as he runs around night-time Chicago. We get a great view of the city’s glowing backstreets and urban sprawl. He tells us how he first got into sports as a way to stay out of trouble but he later developed a passion for it. For Mo, the more effort and sacrifice he put in, the higher the stakes became. He knew he had to keep going until he was at the very top.

Mo went on to become one of Britain’s most successful athletes. What’s even more amazing is that he first came to Britain as a refugee from Somalia, as his family fled a war-torn country in search of safety. The ad reminds us of his inspiring journey and shows us that we can all get to the top if we put in the work. Mo’s a great role model for young runners all over the world and will likely continue to dominate the world of athletics for years to come.

Mo Farah|Nike|Sports

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