US beer brand Miller Lite shows us a world where people’s social media followers actually follow them around in real life.

We all know that not all of our Facebook friends aren’t really proper friends, nor do we really know all our Twitter followers and we probably haven’t even met most of the people who like our Instagram posts. But what if that was different? What if we really did have people following us for real?

Miller Lite Shows Us A World Where Social Media Followers Actually Follow You image of Miller Lite

Miller Lite shows us what that would look like, and it’s pretty terrifying in all honesty. It’s like being a famous celeb with an added element of ominous stalking. Not really ideal. The man in the ad get so overwhelmed by all the people tracking his every move that he quickly dives into a bar. There, he thankfully finds his good friends and chills out with them whilst sipping a beer. The message of the ad is that it’s better to have a few good friends, rather than thousands of followers that you don’t really know at all.

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