Metronomy host a cool 80s party for the music video for Wedding Bells.

The video starts off with us stepping into a rowdy party that looks like something out of a classic 80s movie. Bright neon clothes, red solo cups and dodgy haircuts are in abundance. But whilst everyone else is having a good time, we see one gloomy partygoer, who’s hung up on a girl that he’s spotted across the room. He ends up dozing off and dreams that him and her are on a date.

Metronomy Hosts A 1980s Style Party For Their Track

He’s woken up abruptly when someone shoves a pie in his face. But there’s some good news. It’s the girl that he was dreaming about that did it. He looks around and the whole party is having a huge food fight. Amid all the chaos, our hero finds the girl and manages to get a cheeky peck just as the video ends. It’s an energetic and cool video from Metronomy. The band are known for their quirky and interesting music videos. The track has an old-school feel to it, so it’s fitting that they’d make a nostalgic music vid to go with it.

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