WIRED chat to Logan Broadbent, the world boomerang champion, to find out more about the sport and how he climbed to the top!


One of the most surprising things that we learn about the sport of boomeranging is that the world champion is American, not Australian! You would’ve thought that Aussies would dominate the sport, but the world of Boomeranging is full of surprises! We learn how Logan first got into the sport and find out just how competitive international tournaments can get.

We also learn how to pull off some of the most impressive moves with a boomerang! Just being able to get it to come back to you after you throw it is already impressive enough, but Logan shows off his other tricks too. These include a backflip catch and a double catch! It’s really fascinating to learn about a totally unique and often overlooked sport. Boomerangs aren’t just a fun toy used to pass the time anymore! Now, it’s a full fledged sport that can take years of training to perfect. Crikey!


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