The BBC meet British teenagers who are being sent to Africa by the parents in an effort to help them escape knife crime. Deaths from knife crime are on the rise in the UK, especially in London. Now, some parents are taking drastic measures.


In this documentary, we get to hear from parents who decided to send their children to Africa, often to spend time with their wider family. African families are disproportionally affected by knife crime, with many of those killed coming from these families. Despite some perceptions of African countries, these parents believe that their children are much safer walking the streets of Kenya than Croydon.

Although some have been critical of such drastic moves, the children we meet in the documentary say that spending time in Africa has been mostly beneficial. Almost all of them weren’t keen on going initially, but they concede that, all things considered, it was probably a good idea. It’s a fascinating doc that shows us the severity of knife crime in the UK and also shows us what happens when parents make drastic decisions.

Knife Crime|BBC|Documentary

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