Bloomberg chats to the team at the University of Beyreuth in Germany who are using spiderwebs to make products that could change the world.

Spiderwebs are one of the strongest natural materials in the world. Just a thumb-sized amount has enough strength to pull a jumbo jet without breaking. Up to now, it’s been extremely difficult to procure the web. But now, this team in Germany have found out a way to create huge amounts of it, all without having to farm spiders.

Meet The Scientists That Are Harnessing The Power Of Spiderwebs image of Spiderwebs

The web that they create can be used for a number of things and the team here have even worked with Adidas to create a pair of trainers from the web material. But there are so many other uses that this web could be used for as well. Not only is the web incredibly strong, but it is also totally resistant to microbes. This means that there’s a potential to use the web in skin grafts and for other medical procedures as well. The video is excellently produced by Bloomberg and shines a light on an incredibly exciting area of science. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll all have the power of Spider Man in real life.

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