Dazed meets the first and second generation immigrant Brits that are fighting against climate change.

The world is already seeing the effects of the climate crisis. At current rates, there’s far worse to come, but a lot of countries around the world are facing huge problems because of global warming. Many of these countries are in Africa and the Caribbean. A lot of countries in these regions have long-suffered from extreme weather conditions throughout history which have caused droughts, floods and hurricanes. These problems are all being made worse by climate change. As these countries are far poorer than most others, many families and communities here can’t recover once disaster hits.

Meet The 2nd Generation Immigrant Brits That Are Fighting Climate Change image of Climate Change

For many Brits, their parents or grandparents are seeing their homelands slowly being destroyed by extreme weather. For these young people, the climate crisis has a personal connection to them. So, with this in mind, more immigrant families in the UK are raising awareness of the issues caused by global warming and seek to point out that the people who are being most affected are often coming from poorer countries and communities.

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