Progressive Insurance introduce us to a motaur in this hilarious ad. What’s a motaur we hear you ask? Well, it’s what you call a person who’s half human, half motorbike.


It’s kind of like the modern version of the famous mythical centaur. Instead of horse legs though, it has horse power! In the ad, someone asks the motaur if he minds being a motaur. He replies by asking the man if he minds that he’s not a motaur. Well played sir, well played.

Meet Motaur - He's Half Man, Half Motorbike gif of moatur

It’s a really funny and unique ad from Progressive. We have to admit, we’re a bit jealous of the guy in the ad too! If you were him, you’d never had to get a bus or train again! You’d get around so much faster!

Motaur|Progressive Insurance|Ads and Promos

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