Vanity Fair meets Mary Jane Fort, who was the costume designer from the hit teen movie Mean Girls.

The film was known for its iconic outfits. Even to this day, some people are still wearing some of the clobber seen in the movie (and cringing over some of the trends that have since gone out of style!). The catty clique the “Plastics” wanted to be the most fashionable people in their high school, so whoever was in charge of choosing what they had to wear would have be pretty up-to-date with all the latest trends of the era.

Mean Girls' Costume Designer Unpacks The Most Iconic Outfits From The Movie image of Mean Girls

In steps Mary, who walks us through how she came up with what each character wore in each scene. She consulted real year books to see what high schoolers were wearing at the time and says that she wanted to create really authentic looking outfits that were believable for young viewers. She also tells us how the different clothes that the main character wore reflected the themes of her story arc as well. It’s a really interesting look into how film makers can use fashion to tells stories and how it can inform our opinions of different characters, even if we don’t realise it’s happening.

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