Legendary car makers McLaren and Xbox team up in this video to make a life-sized car out of Lego bricks. What do you reckon, would you take a ride in it?

In this cool video, we see YouTuber EvanTubeHD walk outside to find a massive Lego box waiting for him. On Evan’s channel, he normally unboxes toys and gadgets. But today, he’s going to take on one of his biggest unboxings yet. He’s given the honour of taking a full-sized McLaren Senna sports car out of it’s box. The car is made up of over 400,000 individual pieces and it took 42 people to put it all together.

McLaren & Xbox Builds A Life-Size Car Out Of Lego image of Lego

Lego have built some pretty cool things over the years. From a full-scale model of London, to a life-sized Giraffe, to a functional house, Lego have just about done it all. We’ve got to say though, this has to be one of our favourite things that they’ve built so far. We’re not sure just how safe it is to drive though. Whether we would feel comfortable taking this car for a spin down the motorway is another question entirely…

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