McDonald’s are getting “Reindeer Ready” in their new christmas ad for 2019.

In the ad, we see a young girl playing with her pet reindeer. It’s a slightly unusual pet to have, but the young girl and the cute animal get on like a house on fire. She looks in a cupboard to find some of the “reindeer treats” that you can buy at McDonald’s. She finds an empty bag of them, so asks her dad to take them on a trip to the fast food restaurant to get some more.

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When they pop to Maccy’s the girl asks if she can get a snack for Archie, her pet reindeer. As her dad looks around to the back seat, the animated style of the video fades away and we’re taken back into the real world. It’s then revealed that Archie isn’t actually a reindeer. It’s the family dog with a pair of fake reindeer antlers put on his head. It’s a funny and charming ad that takes us inside the vibrant imagination of one young girl.

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