McDonald’s are developing tech to predict your food order before you even know what it is, we learn in this interesting animated video from Bloomberg.

We learn about all the different tech that Maccy’s are creating to give you the most personalised experience you’ve ever had. By using tons of data, apps and even cameras, the fast food maker is aiming to be ahead of the pack and learn lots about you so that it can give you what you want much more quickly. Basically, McDonald’s wants to be able to read your mind. It’s pretty freaky stuff. It sounds like something out of Blade Runner.

McDonald's Are Predicting Your Order, Before You Even Know It image of McDonald's

This animation tells us all the ways the McDonald’s is upping its game to keep customers coming in. It’s an eye-opening video. For most people, they don’t really associate big data with fast food, but this video shows us how no company is safe from the data takeover. It’s another example of how personal information will be used in the future to sell us all sorts of different things in ways that we can’t even imagine right now.

McDonald’s|Bloomberg|2D Animation

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