Marvel explains how they made The Hulk look so realistic in this interesting interview.

We get to hear from visual effects supervisor Dan DeLeeuw who’s worked closely on all the Avengers films. He walks us through all the techniques that they use to make one of Marvel’s craziest heroes come to life. Since The Hulk made his appearance in the first Avengers film, his look has changed a little since then. In the later films in the franchise, The Hulk calms down a bit. The team had to work to make him look more “human” than before and more like the actor who played him, Mark Ruffalo.

Marvel Explains How They Made The Hulk Look So Realistic gif of the hulk

We get to see The Hulk do more day-to-day tasks, like eating and chatting with mates. It was a real challenge to make him still appear realistic, as viewers got a real close-up look at him for the first time. Funnily enough though, animating The Hulk to smash up cars and buildings is actually much easier to do than to animate him eating a burrito. But the result is seamless and Marvel managed to improve on the already extremely impressive animated superhero.

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