Ever wondered what Mario Kart would look like in real life? Well, Formula E makes that dream come true in this awesome ad.

In the ad, the fictional world of Mario Kart is brought to life on the Formula E track. We get to see just what it would look like if the the worlds of pro racing and virtual racing were brought together. Drivers can throw red shells at each other, slip each other up and grab power-ups to speed past their opponents. They also have to dodge a range of imposing obstacles as they speed around the track. They’re all desperate to end up in first place, but who will win?

Mario Kart And Formula E Combine In This Awesome Ad! image of mario kart

Towards the end, one driver jumps inside a portal into the famous Rainbow Road track. He speeds around the track, doing backflips and tricks on the way. It looks like he’s going to get a podium finish when the bane of all Mario Kart drivers hits him, a blue shell. It blows up his car, taking him out of the running for 1st place. We love this brilliant ad, it’s a really clever and funny way to advertise a cool racing event. Whether we’ll see all these features in the real race this month is yet to be seen though…

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