Kiteboarding brand Manera go on an epic adventure in Kamchatka in eastern Russia in this incredible video.

They join Maxime Chabloz and his friends as they explore the extremely remote region. Kamchatka sits on the eastern coast of Russia. Almost no one lives here and infrastructure is next to none. Up until the 90s, it was classed as a top secret military zone, so it’s been left untouched by tourists for decades. For the team in the video, it took them 4 years to sort out all of the visas, transport, team and boats to be able to go just to go on this one trip.

Manera Go On A Kiteboarding Adventure Around Volcanos In Eastern Russia image of Manera

The end result is truly magical. We see the team doing some incredible tricks in front of stunning landscapes. They surf around jagged rock faces, icy volcanoes and on freezing ice pools. It’s a great video to watch and you can tell that the guys are having an awesome time filming it. We also get a glimpse into the local culture, food and wildlife too. Manera have really blown us away with this vid. The amount of effort that went into making this vid is staggering.


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