The queen of pop is back with this amazing music video for her song Batuka. The video is awesome to look at and is stripped-down and simple. It takes us to a wonderful and stunning part of the world.

She travels to Cape Verde, just off the coast of Portugal. We get to see some brilliant views of the gorgeous island and its people. Madonna dances with the Orquestra Batukadeiras. They are the guardians of music and dancing style of “batuque”. The dance and music of batuque was banned when Cape Verde was still in the grips of slavery. Today, it stands as a visual expression of rebellion against racist ideals and symbolises the freedom and liberation of Cape Verde’s population.

Madonna Released This Gorgeous For Her Song

Madonna is known for her iconic and groundbreaking music videos. This one is a step in a new direction for the singer and it highlights her love for learning about new cultures. It’s a beautifully shot music video that teaches us something new about a unique and fascinating country. We can’t wait to see more videos from Madonna like this in the future.

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