Deodorant brand Lynx (or “Axe” to any non-British readers) released this weird advert where they bring people’s tattoos to life.

In it, we see people recount funny dating stories. But there’s a twist. It’s not actually them saying it, their tattoos are speaking for them. In this ad, we see one lad’s tattoo of an owl recount a dating story where he went skydiving. Aren’t first dates nerve-wracking enough as it is? Do we need to add the prospect of jumping out of a plane into it as well? The ad is for the new Lynx Ink shower gel, which is specially designed to keep your tattoos looking fresh for longer.

Tattoos can play a big role in dating. For some, they’re a big turn-off, but for others, they can be a great icebreaker. Sometimes, a nice tattoo can be a great talking point between two people and can even lead to romance. Sometimes, it can feel like tattoos have a personality of their own. In this ad, they literally do. You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their tattoos. Here, you can tell a lot about someone by listening to their tattoos as well.

Lynx Ink|Lynx|Ads and Promos

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