Butter brand Lurpak celebrates the everyday cooks in this thrilling advert.

The heavily stylised promo makes normal cooking situations look epic. We see a woman “healing the sick” by making a nice bowl of soup as well as another person “feeding the masses” with a big plate of meatballs. One man even “raises someone from the dead”. Well, they actually wake up their hungover mate with a big stack of pancakes. The promo celebrates the power of humble recipes and remind us how much we can do with a bit of ingenuity and, of course, a bit of butter.

Lurpak Celebrates The Everyday Cooks In This Over The Top Ad image of Lurpak

It’s an over-the-top video that pokes fun at all too serious ads. Lurpak wants to show us that we can really let our imaginations run wild with our cooking. We can make whatever creations we want, but they remind us that none of that is possible without a bit of butter. This vid really had us laughing. Did you enjoy it? Let us know down in the comments and be sure to check out other great content, right here on TheVideoSuite.com.

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