WIRED chats to two costume designers from Lucasfilm about the look of the Stormtroopers from Star Wars in this fascinating video.

The Star Wars universe is massive and spans over a huge time period. When the team at Lucasfilm first designed the look of the Stormtroopers, they probably didn’t think they’d still be coming up with new designs over 40 years later. The troopers’ costumes have been changed and developed over the years to reflect the changes in the Star Wars universe and also the changes in costume design as an industry.

Lucasfilm Breaks Down Every Stormtrooper Design From Star Wars With WIRED image of Stormtrooper

Although the original designs looked excellent, the costumes themselves were quite uncomfortable and amateurish by today’s standards. As technology has improved, so have the outfits. Some elements of CGI have been added in as well. The team here also use much more comfortable and malleable materials to actually make the costumes, meaning they’re much nicer for the actors to wear as well. The team go through every Stormtrooper that we’ve seen the franchise and walk us through how they’ve changed since the first movie.


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