Football superstars Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and many more tell you to dare to create in this awesome ad.

In it, we see the footy stars asking if you want the new pair of Adidas boots. They say that you can have them, but warn you that there are a few conditions that come with them. If you want to wear the boots, you have to be brave, groundbreaking and totally fearless in the way you play. These boots aren’t just for anyone, they’re for someone special.

Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba And More Dare You To Create image of dare to create

It’s the sort of high-end and intense ad that we’ve come to expect from Adidas. It’s the latest promo in their “Creators Only” series. For Adidas, their boots are worn by some of the greatest athletes in the planet, so they can be pretty picky on the kinds of players that can wear them. This ad has spread like wildfire though, with people going crazy for the ridiculous amount of cameos in it. The ad features top players from the Spanish, English and Italian football leagues. It just goes to show how many brilliant players and teams that the brand sponsors around the world.

Dare To Create|Adidas|Big Brands

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