Viral rap star Lil Nas X takes over Twitter for a day and becomes the social media giant’s CEO. Let’s see what happens next…

After meeting with their current CEO, Jack Dorsey, he’s handed the keys and is told that he can do whatever he wants. He walks around the halls of the with a huge amount of confidence, knowing that for just one day, he’s calling the shots. We see him interrupt a few staff meetings and make some announcements. To be honest, he doesn’t really seem to introduce any interesting, radical, or even coherent new ideas. He mostly just fires a lot of people.

Lil Nas X Becomes Twitter's CEO For A Day image of Lil Nas X

It’s a funny video from Twitter that reflects the trendy nature of the company. It’s a perfect marriage of sorts as Lil Nas X is a viral star and Twitter is where things, well, go viral. Twitter have been creating more branded content and funny videos over the past few years. The social media brand want to show people that they can make great content too and not just be a place where content is shared.

Lil Nas X|Twitter|Big Brands

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