This short film from director Mohammad Gorjestani shows us the tough reality of getting back into society after leaving prison. He meets the head of an organisation called Sister Hearts, which helps women rehabilitate back into normal life.

We get a look into the difficulties faced by women when they leave incarceration. They don’t only struggle with finances and getting work, but they also face issues with depression and self-esteem. Often, these women are de-humanised in prison. They’re treated like they don’t matter and are told that no one cares about them.

Life After Prison - Documentary Shows Us The Struggles Of Freedom prison

When they get out of jail, it can be a very delicate time. All it takes is just one thing to go wrong and they could fall back into a life of crime. Sister Hearts looks to help women in this vital time, making sure that they have all the right things in place to start again and make the most out of their freedom. It’s an incredibly touching documentary that reminds us that everyone deserves to be treated like a human being, no matter what they’ve done in the past.

Mohammad Gorjestani|The Atlantic|Documentary

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