Lena Heady, Keegan-Michael Key and more feature in this ad from the International Rescue Committee, which looks to celebrate famous refugees from history.  They each recite a letter to a famous refugee, thanking them for all that they’ve given to the world.

The ad focuses on refugees like Freddie Mercury, M.I.A and Albert Einstein. Each of these three refugees went on to have incredible careers and lives, despite coming from hard beginnings. The ad reminds us that if we had shut out refugees, we’d have lost these amazing people from history.

Lena Heady and More Celebrate Famous Refugees From History image of refugees

All too often, refugees become a political hot potato, with governments passing the buck around, whilst thousands are still stuck in dangerous situations. The ad looks to remind us that refugees should never be seen as a burden, but should be seen as an opportunity to add more brilliant people into a country. By helping those in need and giving them somewhere to live, we can help develop the next generation of amazing humans beings. Who knows what they could become one day.

Lena Heady|International Rescue Committee|Charities and Causes

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