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The Women’s Foundation used children on Halloween as a way of showing the ridiculousness of the discrepancies in pay due to gender, using the only currency they’ll understand – sweets and chocolate.


Presented as a hidden-camera style experiment, groups of children come up to a house trick-or-treating, only for the boys to be given much larger candy bars and lollipops than the boys. Let’s just say things don’t go down well with any of them…

the wage gap a scary truth gif1

With the girls of the group understandably outraged and exclaiming how unfair things are, it’s even great to see the boys piping up to ask why this is the case, one even giving some of his haul to the girls instead. The end tagline brings the campaign video back round to its message about the gender pay-gap: “Kids get it. Why don’t we?”

The Women’s Foundation|Gender Pay Gap|Halloween

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