How children’s brains are affected by video games is a hotly debated topic. Although we all love playing video games, children seem to be the most enthusiastic of all gamers. We’ve all seen videos online of kids going crazy when their Xboxes and Playstations are taken away. But what’s getting them so riled up?


It turns out that children’s brains have a special relationship with gaming. As their brain’s aren’t as fully developed, they’re worse at regulating their play time and can become “addicted” more easily. When you grow up, it’s easier to manage your urges and have better self-control. But when you’re a kid it’s not quite as simple…

Gif of animated child playing video games

The Wall Street Journal takes a deep dive into just why kids love games so much. The good news is that they’re not really “addicted” in the sense that we know it. When it comes to kid’s brains, video games are almost tailor-made to light up younger player’s minds. The vid tells us with a little help from parents, kids can learn to switch off.

Kids & Videogames |Wall Street Journal|Mini-Doc

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